LA MAISON DECORATION GROUP CO., LTD has been officially established in 1987 in the name as WIWAT TRADING and changed the name later as LA MAISON DECORATION GROUP CO., LTD in 1992 to compromise with a product of company. We have an objective to be an agency and service provider of all types of an internal decoration e.g. rubber tile, laminated flooring, vinyl tile and vinyl plank carpet, etc. and other accessories with high loyalty and great service.

From our work experience and trusty from many valued customer, in 2004, we have made a research for strength and weak point of each product to be an agency of flooring material in the name of “Mister Laminate”

With continuous development, in 2007, product research and development, who has high experience and skill, imported PVC vinyl flooring from Korean as “Mister Wooden Tile. We selected only high quality and special product with Nano Silver coating that is innovation that uses for protect and prohibit growing of bacteria and fungi. In addition, our company uses all material that is friendly to an environment for safety for customer’s health.

Therefore, LA MAISON DECORATION GROUP CO., LTD always develop for a better quality and the new products continuously and earn the various acceptances from public and private sector. We always focus on a quality of product and great service, just click on, you will see various of product and trustable service.

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There is a lot of rubber flooring tile in a market, why us?

1. Our work is “Perfect” in all details, how? Please check our PORTFOLIO
2. No fraudulent product, we always import product from reliable resource.
3. We did not focus on profit but we always sell and offer a service that proper for our value customer.
4. “Word of mouth”, we select for a high quality product only and hope that our business will be forwarded as great recommendation to their friend.
5. We are a specialist of flooring. We have R&D department to research and discover for better product and flooring technology.
6. Finally, our product is high performance and not easy to damage. You don’t need to waste your time for repair and have a bad feeling.

Today, there is a lot of customer that we could not offer our service because some customer always concerns about a price more than a better quality. Therefore, please understand that the money that your pay for our high quality product has come along with great service, maintenance and long term lifetime.